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How To Buy The Best Gaming Headset

Nowadays a gamer cannot do without a gaming headset. Gaming headsets have become popular as they are able to cut off the outside noise and thus provide a better sound quality. You can find decent speakers even in the best gaming notebooks under 500 bucks. But that shouldn’t stop you. A gaming headset also acts as an interface to communicate with other online gamers without actually typing. In simple words, it also helps to talk or make strategy with other gamers online. This helps to improve the gaming experience.

The market as such is flooded with a variety of headsets. It becomes absolutely necessary to look into or consider certain factors before buying the headset so as to enhance the gaming experience.


The first thing we need to check for is compatibility. For this, we need to familiarize ourselves with the gaming platform that would be using the headsets. Mostly the headsets can be used on varied platforms, but, there are certain ones which are very game specific.


It is but obvious that one intends to spend some time on the game. Ideally one would look for headsets that fit around properly without feeling too heavy and or squeezing into the face. Although comfort is a key factor while considering headsets for some others it might be a matter of looks and style.


Though not intended for real abuse a good headset should be able to withstand a certain amount of rough handling. It is observed that the slightly more expensive ones are more durable than its cheaper counterparts.


A gamer often communicates with other online players. This calls for the need for a built-in microphone. A good headset provides high-end noise cancellation so that the chat with fellow players is crystal clear.

Sound quality

Another key feature which would add to the gaming experience is the sound quality. It is observed that gamers are particularly fond of headsets capable of powerful bass. Simulated Surround sound mostly available in high-end headsets, is also welcomed as it adds to the gaming experience.

Open or closed

Closed headsets have a solid cup around the speaker and ear piece that completely isolates the gamer ear from the outside. This is most suited if you are gaming place has a lot of surrounding or external noise you do not want to hear while gaming. It also helps to retain the sounds in the headphone so people around are not disturbed. The main advantage for the players is that they can hear the slightest details, with the closed design even in noisy environments.

Open headsets, on the other hand, have a perforated ear cup that helps create a more natural and subdued sound quality. However, the main disadvantage of an open headset is that it lets in more of the surrounding or external noise. Similarly, they also let more sound out, so people around you can also hear what you hear from the headset. Open headsets are recommended if the gamer wants to be aware of the noise around him and also provide ventilation to his ears.

Wired or Wireless Gaming Headset

Obviously, a wired headset would lead to tangled wires and restricted movement. The wireless gaming headset seems a better choice as it eliminates the chances of tripping over thus making it a safer option. However, the main drawback of these type of headsets is interference due to fluctuating signals because these use wireless networks like Bluetooth, etc.

Finally, in addition to all these factors, the budget also plays a key factor in deciding the choice of headset.

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What Is A Sound Card? Why Do You Need One?

People enjoy gaming, not just because it is an easily available time killing option, but also because of its everlasting, dramatic and surreal effects. Gaming can certainly be your favorite past-time and at the same time a stimulating companion.

Gaming is so compelling and hence people are not ready to lose any of its features by refusing to buy all the available enhancing accessories or gaming gears. They make sure, they experience an out-and-out entertainment.

Even if you want to witness an uncompromising gaming flavor, not all of those available gaming gears are essential.But, certain gadgets, if utilized, will present an out-of-the-world experience.

Apart from fun, people appreciate gaming as it allows them to realize their fantasy world’s pleasures. Only through gaming, we can fathom the unexplainable reveries.

Hence, to thoroughly bask in the virtual world’s escapades, it is highly essential to use supreme quality video and audio gears, as both of these are key elements of the gaming world.

What is a sound card?

A sound card or an audio card is an expansion card, which aids the computer in processing and delivering the audio signals.

The then peripheral devices are now integral parts of the modern motherboards and hence are inbuilt or onboard. Therefore, these days, without any added sound cards, you will be able to listen to music or hear the gaming sounds quite effectively.

Then what does a sound card really means in this advanced world, that too, with respect to gaming? These audio cards are nothing but the audio enhancers designed particularly for those who want to enjoy the uncompromising audio quality. If you are an audiophile, then obviously sound card is your must-buy accessory.

These gaming specific sound cards, when replaced with your ordinary sound cards offer enhanced audial benefits.

Why do you need a sound card for gaming?

It is a no-brainer to say, visual effects are the most appealing aspects of the gaming world. We naturally get attracted by the visual treats more than the audio effects. But this doesn’t mean we can completely neglect or compromise on audio quality.

What thrill beholds, if thunderous shooting scenes related with poor and meek audio effects? Without proper audio quality, the fun aspect of gaming is not justifiable.

Hence, the usage of sound cards offers an amplified, high-quality, surround-sound, making virtual gaming, a more immersive experience. If your gaming software comes with a high-quality audio source then definitely a good quality sound card is required to do the justice.

But, it is no good in investing in an expensive sound card, if your audio gears are of low-quality ones. Your sound card and audio gears have to synchronize to enjoy the fascinating surround-sound, which sends a chill to your spine when listened.

Types of sound cards

The sound cards are classified as:

Onboard sound cards

Also known as the basic motherboard sound cards, provides a satisfying sound effect, better for all common purposes like music, video-conversations, low-effect gaming etc.

USB sound cards

These sound cards emphasize the usage of external hard drives such as USB or FireWire port to experience the enhanced sound effects.

Gaming sound cards

Though the naming suggests it’s exclusively for gaming, nevertheless, you can use it for other business purposes too. These gaming cards are developed, keeping in mind the high-quality, surround-sound requirements of the high-end games, as the source audio of such games is of superior quality. These sound cards are capable of filtering the noise effects and hence you can indulge completely in your gaming world.

Thus, even though the sound is a subjective term, if you are an audiophile and a gaming geek, then you won’t regret investing in advanced sound cards, as you will be experiencing the dual threats of high-quality video and audio.

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How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Gaming Glasses

Gaming Glasses look like the normal glasses, the only difference being a tinted one. If one thinks about the need for gaming glasses, then it is time to think twice. It is because gaming glasses are of great help for people who suffer due to eyestrain and headaches due to long hours of playing. Though they look completely like normal glasses, they are specifically designed to reduce the glare from the screen, increase the contrast and get rid of unwanted light that has the ability to get deep into the eyes, thus causing damage to the retina.

It is important to know about the common features of gaming glasses before buying one of your choices. Here are some of the factors that make the gaming glasses one of the essential gaming gears.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Glasses that have an anti-reflective coating is far more superior than those without the coating. When the glare in the glass is reduced, it would result in much less strain and reduced vision problems.

A glass with good anti-reflective coating helps in reflecting the unwanted glare that is coming from light sources. When you go to select a good glass with an antireflective coating, be sure not to select glasses that have sprayed coatings on the lenses. These sprayed coatings can be easily scratched or damaged when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Tinted Glass

Blue light is very bad for everyone’s eyes. It is common to get exposed to blue light when one works in front of the computer. As Blue light has more energy, it easily reaches the retina and causes damage to it. This causes damage to the light-sensitive cells in the retina. Some might even experience permanent vision loss due to too much exposure. Hence, choosing gaming glasses with tint is always better than without it.

Moisture Retention

There are so many glasses designed to protect the eyes of those who suffer from dry eyes. These gaming glasses have a separate eye cup or gasket, thus creating a moisture chamber around the eyes. This design slows down the evaporation from the eyes and at the same time, create a clean space around the eyes. Buying gaming glasses with the moisture retention capability reduces the pain and irritation in the eyes due to dryness.

Increased Contrast

Increased contrast is a comfortable feature but it is not a necessity. Increased contrast means that the image on the screen is made sharper. The view is magnified by the gaming glasses by 0.20x to make it sharp, slightly clear and seems to be a little closer to the eyes.

Though there is much criticism on this factor like the distraction due to magnification, many gamers still love this feature as part of their gaming glasses because it makes the images look precise.


If you are still not satisfied with the usefulness of the gaming glasses, then you really need to check it out yourself to believe it. When you see it you believe it. It might not be of much use to those who don’t get any eye fatigue and strain. But if do get those irritations and still don’t want to invest more money on gaming glasses, then there are many ranges of gaming glasses that are available at affordable rates.

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Why do you need gaming glasses?

What are gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses are special glasses that you wear when playing video games, 3D simulation games and so on. With great advances in virtual reality gaming, the equipment required for playing these games have become a necessity. The mouse and board games are not enough anymore. It takes advanced equipment like gaming glasses, VR headsets etc., to enjoy the technologically advanced gaming experience in the market.

What do gaming glasses do?

Gaming glasses were primarily designed to reduce the glare from the ultra-bright 3D video games. These gaming glasses reduce the effects of the potentially harmful blue light and UV rays emitting from the blue-ray gaming discs and screen.

Computer glasses and gaming glasses have been on the market for quite some time now. Though there have been apprehensions about their actual effectiveness, gaming glasses, and other gaming gear have become an integral part of the gaming industry.

What are the benefits of a good quality gaming gear?

Good quality gaming gear protects your eyes. A patented eyewear or a headset is properly balanced and reduces the strain on the eyes. They have a uniform pressure distribution which apart from reducing the strain and improving visual detail ensures optical stability. This allows the wearer to use them for a comparatively long period with reduced eye stress.

Many avid gamers and experts do vouch for the scientific designing of these gaming gear and glasses. Gaming glasses help a lot in reducing overall eye fatigue.

The scientific design of gaming glasses:

The lenses are the important part of any eyewear. In a gaming glass, the lenses are designed scientifically to deflect light and prevent the eyes from becoming dry because of excessive light. These gaming eyewear lenses reduce the strain of the eye muscles which is a common drawback of close monitor viewing during a game session and helps your tired eyes to relax.

Most of the gaming glasses come with a yellowish tint. The high-intensity light that comes from the monitors causes damage to the eyes because they find it difficult to adjust to the fast-paced contrasting lights on-screen. The tinted lenses reduce the harsh and fast-paced light changes.

Does a gamer really require gaming glasses?

The main objective of these glasses is to reduce eye fatigue. Adherents of these gaming glasses do say that the specialized gaming/ computer eyewear has improved their ease of 3d and simulation game viewing. Gamers do claim that their eyes feel less tired after using these glasses for a certain period. The light emanating from the screen/ monitor is softened and not changed or made plain. Therefore, the excitement and thrill of the game are also intact. Thus, the gaming glass seems to improve the overall visual experience.

Overall, it can be safely said that the gaming gear and gaming glasses do improve the quality of your gaming experience and offer decent protection from potential damage to the eyes.Staring at the monitors and gaming screens for a long time has become a constant part of our lives. Eye fatigue can pose certain risks and problems eventually. Therefore, eye protection cannot be ignored. Gaming glasses are necessary. Scout the market for a good quality pair and give gaming glasses and headsets a trial to see whether they make a difference.

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The 5 Accessories Any Gamer Must Have

Have you ever pondered why the gaming geeks are so hog-wild about the gaming world? You are not alone! Many consider gaming is a crazy habit. But it is not so; gaming not only supplies you with thrilling experiences but also with thought-provoking ideas. It all depends upon the gaming genres you opt for.

So, gaming is an all-in-all solution constituting both entertainment and enlightenment. If you had abandoned gaming, unaware of the above prominence, it is never too late to join the gaming wagon.

The gaming experiences are the best when equipped with essential gaming accessories or gaming gear. Whether you are fighting to prove your supremacy in gaming or just entertainment is your perspective, without the right gaming gear, all goes down in the void.

Gaming Types

In modern world, gaming generally refers to the video games and based on the technology used, gaming is classified as,

  • PC Gaming
  • Console gaming
  • Mobile gaming
  • Handheld gaming and
  • Arcade gaming

Based on the gaming genres, the classifications are

  • Adventure
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Action
  • Combat
  • Shooting
  • Educational
  • Sports etc.

All of these need various essential gaming accessories to fully realize its power and immerse thoroughly in the virtual world.

Types of gaming gear

Some of the widely used gaming gadgets are,

  • Gaming Keyboards
  • Gaming Mouse
  • Gaming controllers
  • Gaming headsets
  • Gaming monitors
  • Gaming chairs
  • Gaming glasses

The 5 essential accessories of gaming

The PC and Console gaming are the most popular gaming types. Irrespective of the technology and genre pursued, following are the 5 essential gaming accessories any gamer must procure.

Gaming Headsets

A headset is an important gear not only for the multiplayer gaming set-up but also for any gamer who wants to experience the surround-sound effect. Sound quality is the core necessity for any gaming, especially if you want to indulge thoroughly in the game. When you want to hear the surreptitious movements of your virtual opponent, every minute sound matters.

Also, in a multiplayer environment, high-quality headsets facilitate crystal clear communication. Headsets are crucial if you are a night-time gamer and do not want to compromise on the spine-chilling sound effects of horror or action games. Hence, for the compelling sound effects, don’t hesitate to invest in an advanced headset, although it is bit expensive.

Gaming glasses

Eyewear is not only vital in terms of gaming perspective, but also on health perspective. Gaming long hours can strain and irritate your eyes. It is not wise to compromise on your health for the sake of entertainment.

The gaming glasses can save you from major eye ailments. These glasses come with anti-glare coating and can protect your eyes from harsh lighting. Also, it provides slightly magnified view and hence better when spotting minute objects of gaming.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs protect you against severe back pains and posture problems, which may occur due to improper seating positions. Don’t mistake it as any fancy office chair. Designed with ergonomics as the prime consideration, these chairs can save you from getting a hunched back.

Gaming Monitors

High definition monitors are essential to experiencing the high-quality visual effects. Without adequate picture quality, it is impossible to enjoy gaming. Also, to visually embrace the fantasy world, the monitors should come with reasonable display size.

Gaming monitors with better response times react quickly to inputs. Invest in gaming monitors that combine the benefits of all the above-mentioned requirements.

Gaming gloves

An overlooked, yet significant gear is gaming gloves. Most of us face sweaty hands or cold hands problem while gaming. It is because we are surrounded by excessive heat, it is quite normal for our hands to display the above characteristics. If your hands sweat or turn cold, it will be difficult to continue gaming. Investing in proper gaming gloves can save you from this problem.

The aforementioned accessories are common for any gamers and are highly essential to witness trouble-free, quality gaming.

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