Nowadays a gamer cannot do without a gaming headset. Gaming headsets have become popular as they are able to cut off the outside noise and thus provide a better sound quality. You can find decent speakers even in the best gaming notebooks under 500 bucks. But that shouldn’t stop you. A gaming headset also acts as an interface to communicate with other online gamers without actually typing. In simple words, it also helps to talk or make strategy with other gamers online. This helps to improve the gaming experience.

The market as such is flooded with a variety of headsets. It becomes absolutely necessary to look into or consider certain factors before buying the headset so as to enhance the gaming experience.


The first thing we need to check for is compatibility. For this, we need to familiarize ourselves with the gaming platform that would be using the headsets. Mostly the headsets can be used on varied platforms, but, there are certain ones which are very game specific.


It is but obvious that one intends to spend some time on the game. Ideally one would look for headsets that fit around properly without feeling too heavy and or squeezing into the face. Although comfort is a key factor while considering headsets for some others it might be a matter of looks and style.


Though not intended for real abuse a good headset should be able to withstand a certain amount of rough handling. It is observed that the slightly more expensive ones are more durable than its cheaper counterparts.


A gamer often communicates with other online players. This calls for the need for a built-in microphone. A good headset provides high-end noise cancellation so that the chat with fellow players is crystal clear.

Sound quality

Another key feature which would add to the gaming experience is the sound quality. It is observed that gamers are particularly fond of headsets capable of powerful bass. Simulated Surround sound mostly available in high-end headsets, is also welcomed as it adds to the gaming experience.

Open or closed

Closed headsets have a solid cup around the speaker and ear piece that completely isolates the gamer ear from the outside. This is most suited if you are gaming place has a lot of surrounding or external noise you do not want to hear while gaming. It also helps to retain the sounds in the headphone so people around are not disturbed. The main advantage for the players is that they can hear the slightest details, with the closed design even in noisy environments.

Open headsets, on the other hand, have a perforated ear cup that helps create a more natural and subdued sound quality. However, the main disadvantage of an open headset is that it lets in more of the surrounding or external noise. Similarly, they also let more sound out, so people around you can also hear what you hear from the headset. Open headsets are recommended if the gamer wants to be aware of the noise around him and also provide ventilation to his ears.

Wired or Wireless Gaming Headset

Obviously, a wired headset would lead to tangled wires and restricted movement. The wireless gaming headset seems a better choice as it eliminates the chances of tripping over thus making it a safer option. However, the main drawback of these type of headsets is interference due to fluctuating signals because these use wireless networks like Bluetooth, etc.

Finally, in addition to all these factors, the budget also plays a key factor in deciding the choice of headset.