The Dell XPS is a really awesome laptop, but after a while, you might feel that it’s getting slower and slower. It’s time for an upgrade.

The two most common upgrades are to upgrade the ram and the SSD. These two upgrades are quite easy to do yourself and we will cover exactly how you can do it in this article. If you are thinking of doing another upgrade, read the section about other upgrades. The general advice for upgrades that aren’t the ram or the hard drive is to consult with dell and let a professional handle it.

How to upgrade the ram on a Dell XPS laptop

If you have a Dell XPS 13 you can’t upgrade the ram. However, if you have a Dell XPS 15 laptop, keep on reading.

Upgrading the ram on your Dell XPS laptop is one of the easiest ways to improve the performance of your notebook. The first step is to figure out how much ram you’re going to need and how much ram the laptop can handle.

How much ram your laptop can handle depends on two aspects, what operating system you have and if the motherboard of the laptop can handle it. If you run a 32-bit version of Windows, it will only support 4GB of ram so make sure you have a 64-bit version of Windows installed. If you are uncertain of how much ram the motherboard can handle, your best bet is to read the documentation of the laptop or the documentation of the motherboard.

Once you know if your laptop allows for a ram upgrade have a look at this video to learn how to upgrade the Ram and SSD in your Dell XPS laptop:

Upgrading The SSD in a Dell XPS

Upgrading the SSD is often worth it and can seriously increase the performance of your Dell XPS laptop. Unlike with the RAM, it’s quite easy to figure out if an SSD will fit with your laptop. As long as you go with an m.2 SSD such as the 970 Evo, you won’t run into any problems. Upgrading is pretty straightforward. You can follow this guide on how to upgrade the SSD for Dell XPS 13 or follow the video above.

Other Upgrades

There are many other components in your Dell XPS you might be thinking of upgrading that isn’t the ram or the SSD. You can attempt to do these upgrades yourself, but I would advise you not to unless you have talked with someone at Dell about it. Contact the Dell support and consult with them if it would be a good idea or even possible to do the upgrade you’re thinking about. Many more advanced upgrades can often be hard, and it’s usually best to let a professional handle it. If you decide to let someone else do the upgrade, I would recommend sending it to a Dell-approved or direct service, so you get the best service for your laptop.